Community Literacy Coordinator, 2017-2018

During my second year as Assistant Director, I coordinated the Writing Center's partnerships with two local non-profit organizations in Louisville, KY. 2017-2018 was the Writing Center's third year of partnering with Family Scholar House (a local nonprofit organization that provides housing and other forms of support for single parent college students) and our second year of partnering with the Western branch of the Louisville Free Public library (one of the original Carnegie libraries and the first library in the nation to serve and by operated by African Americans). 

My role in these partnerships involved:

  • Collaborating with administration at our partner sites to offer on-site writing tutoring and create other writing-related programs.
  • Recruiting and overseeing graduate student volunteer tutors.
  • Supervising four undergraduate interns.
  • Assessing the progress toward our and our partners' goals.
  • Tutoring two hours per week at one of our partner sites.

From August 2017-April 2018, our tutors had a total of over 250 sessions with writers in the community. In recognition of this work, the Writing Center received the College of Arts and Sciences Community Engagement Award for 2017-2018. 

For more information about these exciting projects, please see these blog posts

Campus Outreach Coordinator, 2016-2017

During my first year in this role, I worked on projects designed to foster an interdisciplinary and inclusive culture of writing on campus. For instance, I partnered with the Director of the Digital Media Suite at U of L to increase our outreach and support for instructors interested in assigning multimodal projects. This process involved conducting a survey of faculty in the English department in order to understand how the Writing Center could better support them and their students with digital and multimodal projects. Based on the results of this research, I led a workshop on "Creating Effective Digital Assignment Descriptions" and oversaw the implementation of resources that writing center tutors could use when working with writers on multimodal compositions.

I also managed the Writing Center's blog and social media accounts, and I contributed to Writing Center policy by writing our statement on Accessibility and Accommodations. For more information about that process, please see this blog post: “Accessibility and Accommodations in the Writing Center.”