ENGL 102, The Circulation of Knowledge in US Culture

Course Trajectory

Excerpted Course Description

This section of English 102 explores the circulation of knowledge in US culture and the particular forms of expression that shape this process. To ground our discussion of circulation as a process and a theory, we will discuss circulation as it relates to: 1) education and information, 2) work and money, and 3) popular culture. Students will read, research, and write about related topics during the semester. 

ENGL 102, Circulation: Syllabus

ENGL 102, Food Issues

Excerpted Course Description

In this course, we will be discussing and using the conventions of academic writing while also thinking critically about the benefits and limitations of such conventions. Because the focus of English 102 is academic writing itself, it is helpful to also adopt a course theme so that we, as a class community, can practice some of the same intellectual processes you will use in your individual course work. For our class, that theme will be issues related to food. Therefore, while our primary focus of the semester will be academic writing and research, we will be using readings about food issues to ground our discussions.

ENGL 102, Food Issues: Syllabus